Design Inspiration: Modern Green Bistro

Today we are loving this modern eatery in Germany! Check out Freshome’s article on the Green Bistro.

“Siddik Erdogan and Jörn Fröhlich designed the interiors of the Green Bistro in the Lengermann & Trieschmann department store in Osnabrück, Germany. Covering 100 square meters, the bistro displays a modern atmosphere captured between the sinuous lines of the design. The two designers collaborating on this project have each a fascinating design background – Jörn Fröhlich works with theatre and retail design in Berlin, while Siddik Erdogan is an interior designer from Turkey. The lack of sharp edges in the design was inspired by natural shapes and conveys the primary idea of the bistro: sustainability promoting healthy green food to the customers. The mix between naturally enhanced plywood and white lacquered surfaces created a functional, innovative bistro design, with functional parts like food displays, tray shelves, benches and tables individually created and mounted to fit the overall look. White chairs and tulip tables complete the welcoming design with a fantastic conceptual ceiling centrepiece as focal point. You might want to try this contemporary dining experience for yourselves.”




All images courtesy of Don’t forget to go to the Holiday Mentor Mixer tonight at 6:30 in CDN 283!


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