Photo Recap: Portfolio Workshop

On March 2nd, we had the privilege of hosting a portfolio workshop, featuring a lecture by the talented viscom designer Kyle Larkin, along with Alpha Rho Chi. The event was geared toward freshmen preparing for their milestone portfolios as well as upperclassmen seeking employment opportunities this summer, or anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of graphic design in general. Various visual communication skills were covered such as appropriate fonts to use, pleasing composition sizes, as well as successful portfolio binding and printing techniques. Afterward, we held a question and answer session as well as an opportunity for mentors to meet with their mentees. Check out the photos below!

Erica Weimann using her portfolio as an example of how to organize pages.

Students listening to the question and answer session.
Students from other disciplines attended our lecture as well.

Some of the senior interior design students in attendance were on hand to give advice as well.

The duo who helped put the Portfolio Workshop together: Morgan Flannery, the President of Alpa Rho Chi, and Erica Weimann, the Mentorship Executive of IIDA. Great job ladies!

All photos are courtesy of James Bailey. Thank you to everyone who attended the event and check back for another portfolio workshop coming soon!

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