A Lamp Made of Chocolate

Welcome back from Spring Break! 🙂

Alexander Lervik, a product designer in Stockholm, has created a product that may soon appear in the homes of chocolate lovers everywhere.


Discovered on Design Milk, the Chocolate Lamp was created by Lervik when he conceived the concept of a light that did not give out any light at all. The lamp is completely dark when you turn it on. “It’s only when the heat from the lamp starts to melt the chocolate that the light starts to shine through. Alexander says: ‘It takes several minutes for the first rays of light to penetrate, mimicking light spreading along the horizon at sunrise.'”


As the lamp heats up, holes soon form and its light increases as the chocolate melts.


After about 15 minutes of heating, the chocolate lampshade is completely melted and then solidifies into chunks that can be eaten. 

While it some might think it’s silly, Lervik believes it is rather noble and meaningful. “I find it poetic, with complete darkness at first and then a tiny ray of light penetrates the dark chocolate.” Others agree with him – he already has a manufacturer and is now looking for a chocolate supplier. To read more about the project, click here.

All photos are courtesy of Design Milk. Have a great week!

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