Designer Spotlight: Axie Hoover

The designer we are showcasing here is Axie Hoover, a sophomore in the interior design program at ASU. She designed a vacation home in Portland, Oregon for her final project in the residential studio she took last semester, which was taught by Susan Norman. The design takes on forms inspired by man made structures as well as organic shapes found in nature. Her clients were a married couple made up of the wife, a jewelry designer, and the husband, a book collector. She also was recently nominated for a Design Excellence award from The Design School at ASU for this project.

Inspiration Photo: Steel Bridge, Portland, Oregon

Concept: Industrial materials are built together to form strong geometrics that act as a boundary between two locations yet provide easy access from one location to the other.

Inspiration Photo 2: An Oregon Waterfall

Concept 2: Bright cool greens combine with rich warm colors to create a very natural, as well as eclectic, space.


This is the 3000 square foot floor plan of the home, which is a 14th floor penthouse suite.

Entry wall elevation. The blue panel above the display is a frosted resin that is lit from the inside.

View of the kitchen & conversation room. The grey area above the kitchen cabinets is a frosted resin that is lit from the inside.

Custom fireplace wall elevation. The NanaWalls open up on both sides.

View of the son’s game room.

View of custom light fixture in the game room.

Congratulations Axie!

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