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Welcome Back & 2012-13 Year Photo Recap

Welcome back to school! We are very excited for the events we are planning this year and can’t wait to let you know about them. We currently have a few workshops, mentor mixers, and a firm crawl in the works. To get an idea what our events are like, here are some of the highlights of our last year in IIDA:

Portfolio Reviews & Mentor Mixers:ImageImageImage

We held several mentor mixers and portfolio reviews throughout the year. We held mentor mixers for the upperclassmen to meet with the lower division students, and then paired freshmen and sophomores with juniors and seniors to establish mentor/mentee relationships. These relationships were especially meaningful for lower division students to seek advice regarding classes, the milestone application, or any software help. We also held portfolio workshops that were geared toward freshmen applying for the milestone and juniors looking for summer internships, but they were welcome to all design students as well.

A Firm Crawl:ImageImageImageImage

The IIDA Southwest Chapter organized a Firm Crawl last January and all IIDA student members were welcome to attend. The firms we visited were three of the major firms in Phoenix: Gensler, Smithgroup JJR, and Orcutt Winslow. The firm crawl was especially insightful to juniors and seniors seeking summer internships and work opportunities. We had a fun time riding the light rail together across Phoenix and visiting firms one day. We are currently working with IIDA to plan another Firm Crawl this fall. Stay tuned!

Connect 4:


This spring, we volunteered to assist the IIDA Southwest Chapter with Connect 4, a service event that remodeled the Phoenix Veterans Center and designed apartments for those in need. In the morning, we were given boxes of materials and furnishings which we used to create two beautiful bedrooms by the end of the day.

End of the Year Celebration:

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In May, we held an End of the Year Celebration event to honor the faculty members who were not returning this year, such as Donna Atwood, Elaine Jones, and Susan Norman. We also gave out “People’s Choice Awards” to Dr. Beverly Brandt, who was voted as “Favorite INT Professor” and Jose Bernardi, who was chosen as the “Best Studio Instructor.” We also gave Erica Weimann an award, who was voted as “Favorite Senior” by her classmates. The gorgeous glass awards we gave out were made by our very own Merritt Menefee-Johnson of MMM Design Studio, who also teaches the sophomore materials class and junior construction document class at ASU.

Here was just a glimpse into the kind of events we held last year to give you an idea of what we do at IIDA ASU. For more details, please come to the Fall Welcome Event tonight on The Design School Bridge at 6:30! If you have any ideas of what kind of events you would like to have this year, please let us know. See you tonight!


Upcoming Event: Fall Welcome

Upcoming Event: Fall Welcome

The Design School’s annual Fall Welcome will be tomorrow evening at 6:30 on the The Bridge! This is a great opportunity to get to learn more about IIDA as well as other organizations in The Design School. See you there!

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