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Job Opportunities: Corgan

Corgan’s Phoenix Office is looking to hire one summer intern and one full time designer! Please email Staci Seyer at for more information.

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Design Inspiration: Winter in Paris

Happy Friday! In the midst of preparing for studio reviews and the holidays, it’s time for a visual vacation.

This video was filmed during the winter season in Paris, the time when most of the tourists are gone and its architecture can be experienced in a way that many people never see.


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Design Inspiration: Nightvision

Nightvision is the result of director Luke Shepard’s travels across Europe, capturing a variety of some of the most stunning structures across the continent to date. The video was made through thousands of photos strung together in post production with the goal to inspire appreciation for these architectural masterpieces.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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A Lamp Made of Chocolate

Welcome back from Spring Break! 🙂

Alexander Lervik, a product designer in Stockholm, has created a product that may soon appear in the homes of chocolate lovers everywhere.


Discovered on Design Milk, the Chocolate Lamp was created by Lervik when he conceived the concept of a light that did not give out any light at all. The lamp is completely dark when you turn it on. “It’s only when the heat from the lamp starts to melt the chocolate that the light starts to shine through. Alexander says: ‘It takes several minutes for the first rays of light to penetrate, mimicking light spreading along the horizon at sunrise.'”


As the lamp heats up, holes soon form and its light increases as the chocolate melts.


After about 15 minutes of heating, the chocolate lampshade is completely melted and then solidifies into chunks that can be eaten. 

While it some might think it’s silly, Lervik believes it is rather noble and meaningful. “I find it poetic, with complete darkness at first and then a tiny ray of light penetrates the dark chocolate.” Others agree with him – he already has a manufacturer and is now looking for a chocolate supplier. To read more about the project, click here.

All photos are courtesy of Design Milk. Have a great week!

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Design Inspiration: Adobe Campus

Ever wondered what the offices of Adobe Systems looked like? The company that brought us Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and much more has a new contemporary workplace in Utah just 30 miles south of Salt Lake City. The Adobe Campus, which opened in January 2013, encompasses 280,000 square feet of office space that includes a gym, basketball courts, ping pong & pool tables, as well as an organic cafe.

Have a wonderful spring break!

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Design Inspiration: London Water Tower Residence

The third-year interior design students may find this particularly inspiring as they design community centers based on the historic Tempe Hardware building this semester.

Discovered on, this 99-foot tall building with a huge steel water tower was purchased in 2008 and transformed into a luxury home. The original brick of the building combined with the modern interiors and sleek additions resulted in a very successful historic renovation.







All photos courtesy of Don’t forget to attend our portfolio workshop TONIGHT at 6:30 on the Bridge. See you there!

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Introducing the World’s 1st 3D Pen

Your project study models might not ever be the same. For the first time ever, artists and designers will soon be able to draw three-dimensional objects in real time.

The 3Doodler, developed by WobbleWorks, acts as a pen, but instead of ink it releases heated plastic which cools and solidifies to form stable 3D structures. The pen allows for infinite possibilities in shape and form, and could possibly appear in your studio class as early as next year.



Images courtesy of To find out more about the 3Doodler and to see photographs of it, click here. Happy Tuesday!

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Design Inspiration: A Shape-Shifting House

Found on, the architecture firm Olson Kundig created a home that “allows residents to be as integrated or removed from nature as they’d like to be.” The Shadowboxx House, nestled in the San Juan Islands in Washington, features shutters that can be folded down to protect the home from the cold, or held up to reveal a retractable glass wall. This stop-motion video demonstrates just how adaptable the design of Shadowboxx is, as if it were a “kinetic sculpture built for living.”

Shadowboxx from Olson Kundig Architects on Vimeo.

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Rebuilding History in a Contemporary Way

Found on, what once was a sore eyesore following the aftermath of a World War II bombing is now a beautiful yet thoughtful optical illusion.

You may have heard of trompe l’oeil in a design history class but the architects at MVRDV translated the term to another level. This Glass Farmhouse in the Netherlands is a trompe l’oeil masterpiece consisting of a combination of local farmhouse images printed on glass to best represent the one that once stood at the site. The images were printed at a scale 1.6 times larger than the original to make way for 18,000 square feet of retail, dining, and office space. The larger scale also allows adults to interact with the building as if they were a child again and could remember how the farmhouse originally looked at their height. And, true to trompe l’oiel fashion, the photographed images of doors and windows on the farmhouse do not align with the actual entrances to the structure, which creates riddled perspectives that “answer the public’s desire for a vernacular building, and with a contemporary twist.”


All images courtesy of MVRDV and

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The ABC’s of Architects

How cool is this video?! A graphic artist at compiled an alphabetical list of iconic architects and their best pieces of work. Enjoy!

A Cool New York interior by Herzog and de Meuron.

Park Avenue Armory Design by Herzog & de Meuron

Project: Park Avenue Armory
Designed by: Herzog and de Meuron
Location: New York
“Originally constructed between 1877 and 1881, and occupying an entire city block, the Armory houses one of most important collection of 19th-century interiors in the United States—with eighteen rooms designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Stanford White, the Herter Brothers, and Pottier & Stymus, among other prominent designers from the era—as well as the soaring Wade Thompson Drill Hall, an engineering feat in its time and one of the largest unobstructed spaces in the city today.
Designed Herzog & de Meuron, with Platt, Byard, Dovell, White Architects, LLP, serving as Executive Architect, the current $200-million renovation and restoration project enables Park Avenue Armory to support a range of visual and performing arts programming in advancement of its mission. The design plan embraces the history, craftsmanship, and the inherent contrast of the Armory’s spaces, from the exuberance of its period room interiors to the strength and confidence of its soaring drill hall.”

Photos: © Herzog and de Meuron. © James Ewing.