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Design Inspiration: Skype’s North American Headquarters

This week’s inspiration post might be especially insightful for seniors who are studying workplace design in their INT464 studio class this semester. The office of Skype’s North American Headquarters is located in Palo Alto, California, and it is comprised of 54,000 square feet, which serves approximately 250 employees. According to Design Blitz, the campus demonstrates Skype’s “spirit of innovation in a highly functional yet creative workplace designed to encourage interaction and spontaneity, as well as meet specific acoustic requirements in support of their extensive use of AV.”

In addition, the project also received LEED Silver Certification, making the space innovative both inside and out with its energy efficiency and high tech atmosphere. Check out photos below:


All photos are courtesy of Design Blitz. For more information on the project, click here.

Have a great weekend!

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Photo Recap: Fall Welcome & Freshmen Membership Brunch

In the evening of August 28th, we hosted The Design School’s annual Fall Welcome event along with a few other organizations such as AIAS, GDSA, and IDSA. The event was a great way for people to get to know more about the organizations within The Design School before choosing to become involved.  It was also a chance for students to mingle with people from other design disciplines and possibly meet someone they may end up working  with in future projects.







On August 30th, a few IIDA officers visited a freshmen lecture in the morning and then invited the students over to Senior Studio for breakfast. The officers served them bagels and coffee while giving them a chance to learn more about IIDA and becoming a member.


Don’t forget, our first Mentor Mixer is THIS Wednesday, September 11th, at 6:30 PM in Senior Studio (CDN 291). See you there! 🙂

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Design Inspiration: Kinetic Rain

In July of 2012, the sculpture “Kinetic Rain” was unveiled at Terminal 1 of the Singapore Changi Airport. Designed by ART+COM, the piece consists of 608 droplets, which are installed above two central escalators. The droplets are made up of lightweight aluminum and are covered in copper. Attached to each droplet is a very thin steel rope that is connected to a computer-controlled motor, allowing it to move up and down to take part in a 15-minute choreography sequence. The visual experience of the choreography varies depending on the perspective of the visitor’s point of view.

To learn more about the piece, click here. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Design Inspiration: Wunderbar at W Montreal


W Hotels have a distinct reputation for their innovative interior design, and the W Montreal is no exception. Wunderbar at the W Montreal features a modern interpretation by BPC of Montreal’s four seasons, made up a wall-to-ceiling light fixtures of curvilinear forms. The forms can be lit up to a multitude of colors that complement the DJ’s music or they can be subdued to a monochromatic scheme. The furniture is simple and sleek to let the light forms be the focus of the room. See more photos below:


All photos courtesy of Inthralld. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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Design Inspiration: Anglican Church Turned Into Modern Home


An Anglican church in Melbourne, Australia has recently received a face-lift by Bagnato Architects. Built in 1892, has been transformed into a contemporary home through the use of floor to ceiling windows and state-of-the-art fixtures and appliances, as well as luxurious finishes such as onyx, limestone, and marble. The project was completed in 2012 and contains five bedrooms, a large kitchen and dining room, lounge areas, and a bright living room with the addition of a swimming pool just steps away outside.






All images courtesy of Freshome.com. For more details and pictures on this project, click here. See you at our Portfolio Workshop tonight!

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Design Inspiration: London Water Tower Residence

The third-year interior design students may find this particularly inspiring as they design community centers based on the historic Tempe Hardware building this semester.

Discovered on Trendland.com, this 99-foot tall building with a huge steel water tower was purchased in 2008 and transformed into a luxury home. The original brick of the building combined with the modern interiors and sleek additions resulted in a very successful historic renovation.







All photos courtesy of Trendland.com. Don’t forget to attend our portfolio workshop TONIGHT at 6:30 on the Bridge. See you there!

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Upcoming Event: Portfolio Workshop

This Friday we will be hosting a portfolio workshop with the talented viscom designer, Kyle Larkin. All majors and students are welcome. This will be especially helpful to freshmen applying for the milestone soon as well as upperclassmen seeking internships this summer. See you there!


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Introducing the World’s 1st 3D Pen

Your project study models might not ever be the same. For the first time ever, artists and designers will soon be able to draw three-dimensional objects in real time.

The 3Doodler, developed by WobbleWorks, acts as a pen, but instead of ink it releases heated plastic which cools and solidifies to form stable 3D structures. The pen allows for infinite possibilities in shape and form, and could possibly appear in your studio class as early as next year.



Images courtesy of Kickstarter.com. To find out more about the 3Doodler and to see photographs of it, click here. Happy Tuesday!

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Design Inspiration: A Shape-Shifting House

Found on dwell.com, the architecture firm Olson Kundig created a home that “allows residents to be as integrated or removed from nature as they’d like to be.” The Shadowboxx House, nestled in the San Juan Islands in Washington, features shutters that can be folded down to protect the home from the cold, or held up to reveal a retractable glass wall. This stop-motion video demonstrates just how adaptable the design of Shadowboxx is, as if it were a “kinetic sculpture built for living.”

Shadowboxx from Olson Kundig Architects on Vimeo.

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Upcoming Event: Connect4

The IIDA Southwest Chapter invites you help out your community and join Connect4! Connect4 is a collaborative student design renovation for the community, and this year’s project will be at U.S. Vets, which provides housing and other services to Veterans. The ground work has already been done for our design build day because of several generous sponsors, and now IIDA needs YOUR expertise as we remodel 8 family rooms for very deserving Veterans!

Please join us on Saturday, March 2nd at U.S. Vets, 3400 NW Grand Avenue (Near 35th Ave & Indian School). We will be starting at 10 a.m. To RSVP, please email connect4.PHX.iidasw@gmail.com. See you there!


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Design Inspiration: Triennale Design Museum

Discovered on Trendland.com, a Milan design firm, Studio Fabio Novembre, created an exhibition for the 5th edition of the Triennale Design Museum. The end result was a successful 3rd dimension of a 2-dimensional subject, which was historical graphic design in Italy.


All photos courtesy of Trendland.com. To read the full article and to see more photos, click here. Have a great weekend!

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Rebuilding History in a Contemporary Way

Found on architizer.com, what once was a sore eyesore following the aftermath of a World War II bombing is now a beautiful yet thoughtful optical illusion.

You may have heard of trompe l’oeil in a design history class but the architects at MVRDV translated the term to another level. This Glass Farmhouse in the Netherlands is a trompe l’oeil masterpiece consisting of a combination of local farmhouse images printed on glass to best represent the one that once stood at the site. The images were printed at a scale 1.6 times larger than the original to make way for 18,000 square feet of retail, dining, and office space. The larger scale also allows adults to interact with the building as if they were a child again and could remember how the farmhouse originally looked at their height. And, true to trompe l’oiel fashion, the photographed images of doors and windows on the farmhouse do not align with the actual entrances to the structure, which creates riddled perspectives that “answer the public’s desire for a vernacular building, and with a contemporary twist.”


All images courtesy of MVRDV and architizer.com.

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